I wanted to make a telescope for spectroscopy works and for large field pictures. Therefore I decided to

make a newtonian telescope because the mirror is easy to made.

This mirror must be open and large enough for my suburban sky and small enough for my garden.

A diameter of 300mm and 4.6 aperture seem to me is a good choice.

If you are interesting by the calculation of this telescope see this Calculation sheet in french language.

The Tube is made squared in marine plywood. (See engineering drawing and pic1 pic2)

Mirror Cell is made in 15mm plywood and aluminium AU4G. (See drawing and pic1 pic2)

Mirror Cell has 9 floatation points and 2 support edge bearings at 120° (see drawing1

drawing2 drawing3 )

The design optimization of mirror cells use the good David Lewis's software Plop.

The spider is made with my Metalworking lathe in aluminium AU4G and the vanes spider's is made of

steel sheet of 0.5mm thickness.(see dwg1 dwg2 dwg3 dwg4 dwg5 dwg6 dwg7 dwg8 dwg9 pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4)

It is necessary to add at this tube two trunnions (pic1) and an eyepiece holder plate (pic1, pic2, pic3).

The mount of my telescope is a fork equatorial mount made with steel tube (pic1 and pic2) and aluminiun axe ( drawing and pic).

The right ascension axis rotate in two self-aligning ball bearings ( 50 mm and 30 mm diameter) (pic1 and pic2)

to be continued.......